Sam Opm Lyrics

Posted by admin on 13th December 2011 in Music

Concrete Sam
Same Old Game

Out of your head, wake up tonight
And your thoughts are full of lies.
When we talked again last night
All I heard were those goodbyes.
Explaining lies and alibis
Its obvious you have lost your mind

A one way flight out here tonight
Spread my wings and just fly
Know that Ive lost the will to fight
Had enough of these goodbyes
Explaining lies and alibis
Go and take time to find

Yeah, I wouldve loved to make this last.
Where? Is the love supposed to be so vast?
Know that I remained with you till the end.
End. Its time to say goodbye well meet again.

If I knew then you were that way
Thats too much for me to take.
Bid you farewell or Ill stay for one last cry.
Tonight I made up my mind.
I have to leave you. Goodbye.

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